Sharing the Successful Experiences of GEF SGP Projects with target groups of GEF MENARID Project in Iran

Project number: IRA/MENARID/13/01

The GEF/SGP has been able to take effective steps in supporting the active groups in conservation of the environment in various GEF focal areas during the past eleven years of its activities in Iran. It was successful in promotion of multi-stakeholder approaches, empowering NGOs, local groups and individuals interested in supporting Iran’s environment and has always emphasized on promoting innovative approaches of community-based participation, capacity developemt and inter-sectoral cooperation and collaboration. During these years, wide-ranging experiences of various projects have been accumulated and can be shared with a wider audience for upscaling and mainstreaming.​​​​​​​


Sharing Experiences of Educational Technology of GEF SGP to GEF MENARID Project with Focus on Biodiversity​​​​​​​

Project number: IRA/MENARID/13/02


In recent years GEF SGP with the various projects, empowered local, regional and national groups about biodiversity, climate change and land degradation. The result of these activities is preparing numerous materials and products on Educational Technology. The target of this project is exchanging knowledge between different Workgroup in local, regional and national level and reproduction of some SGP projects productions and providing them to the MENARID sites.